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Asset-Planning Strategies for the Careful Investor

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Let’s map out your future financial goals. Would you like to pay off your child’s college education? How about that dream of a new house? Planning on traveling while on retirement? Identifying these goals is very important and determines how you shape your investment plan. Learning how to do so is the first order of action. Consider some asset-planning strategies in making your future a little brighter.

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Divide Your Assets

Putting Your Eggs in Several Baskets

Assets are divided into three separate groups: stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives. Such forms help in diversifying all benefits, lowering your risk of all-out loss. The unpredictable stock market may cause one ‘basket’, or group to lower in value, while the other increases. As the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This rings true in financial planning for the future.

Spread-load your assets in three ‘baskets’:

Basket #1: STOCKS- your stake or claim in a certain company, which feeds through the company’s earnings and value. Simply put, the company’s success is your success. Once you put money into a business, that investment may rise or fall, depending on how popular the business is.

Basket #2: BONDS- an I.O.U. from the government, federal agency, or corporation, also known as an issuer. Your benefit is the amount of interest accrued over time. When the bond matures, or is due, the issuer must repay its initial value, plus interest.

Basket #3: CASH ALTERNATIVES- low-risk investments that can be converted into cash quickly. Alternatives include U.S. Treasury bills, savings accounts, money market funds, etc. Why not gain some interest on money already sitting there?

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