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The Medicaid Advantage for Senior Assisted Living

Benefits Going Beyond Basic Elderly CareElderly man with his pets

All 50 states have their own laws and regulations concerning Medicaid. Depending on where you call home, Medicaid may cover different scenarios and limit eligible health care services. The state of Wisconsin offers flexible Medicaid programs to suite all types of needs for seniors. Angermeier & Rogers Law Offices helps Wisconsin residents understand the benefits for applying. Advantages in using the program include:

  • Having the freedom to choose services
  • Being able to hire a family member as a Medicaid planner
  • Assisted living or nursing home care

Eligibility for Medicaid in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has different requirements in applying for Medicaid than other states. The program holds applicants to certain standards of eligibility; not everyone can join.

Before even considering Medicaid, make sure you or your loved one meet all requirements:

  • Blind, disabled, or age 65 and older
  • United States citizen or legal immigrant
  • Family income at or below the monthly program limit

If you have any questions about Medicaid, look to our knowledgeable health care attorneys for answers and more in-depth information. Make the smart choice and know all the options before you apply.

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Medicaid Programs Offered in the Badger State

Wisconsin’s Medicaid programs present senior assisted living with as much freedom as possible. Most of the programs allow the patient’s choice of services and the ability to name who is in charge of all the remaining estate planning. The range of flexibility makes Medicaid a great choice!

The Medicaid programs Wisconsin offers includes:

  • Community Options Program Waiver (COP-W)

COP is available to a certain number of counties with residents who are elderly, mentally disabled, or physically unable to care for themselves. The main purpose of COP is to provide budget-friendly alternatives for assisted living, nursing home, and other special care institutions.  

  • Family Care & Family Care Partnership Programs

These programs are a collective group of services for the elderly and physically incapable, providing them with health-related and long-term care services. A unique part of the program is the team-focused care, comprised of the patient, their physician, a group of social workers, and medical staff. The team creates a care plan, specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. 

  • Include, Respect, I Self-Direct (IRIS)

As clearly stated in the title, the IRIS program is designed for patients who love the freedom to choose individual services for their long-term care. The program’s flexibility also allows for a family member to be hired as part of the planning process.

Milwaukee Medicaid & Assisted Living Attorneys You Can Trust

Deciding whether Medicaid is the right choice for your assisted living setup is a tough decision. Whether you’re deciding for yourself or for a loved one, it’s not an easy choice.

Our attorneys at Angermeier & Rogers offer trustworthy and professional legal advice, helping you make the right choice with Medicaid. We know the ins-and-outs of funding senior assisted living with Medicaid. Why not consult with an expert before you make the final decision?

Aside from Medicaid assistance, we also offer estate planning, probate & trust administration, wills & trusts, and retirement planning services. Let Angermeier & Rogers be the leading lawyers for all of your future planning.

Contact Angermeier & Rogers today to learn more about the benefits of getting Medicaid in Wisconsin.