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Elder Law in Wisconsin: Protecting the Ones You Love

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Planning for your loved ones that might not be around much longer should be a priority. There are numerous regulations one must know in effective estate planning, it can get overwhelming. Consider Elder Law, a legal term created to protect the aging population, in assisting you with preparations. It umbrellas over estate planning, Medicaid, disability, guardianship, fiduciary administration, and other branches of elderly life.

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Elder rights, closely related to Elder Law, is the right of a senior citizen, who is not constitutionally protected in the United States. In congruence with both law and rights, certain attorneys provide vital information you need to know. Our trusted Elder Law lawyers guide you through the ins and outs essential in protecting your loved ones and their future.

Elder Law Attorneys are Passionate and Caring

Elder Law attorney WisconsinElder Law attorneys come in all shapes, sizes, mindsets, and motives. At Angermeier and Rogers, our passion is caring for our elderly, as they get the attention they deserve. Duties of an Elder Law attorney depend on the scenario, requiring them to have an expansive amount of knowledge. They also must have the patience and appropriate character in working with the older generation.

Attributes of a caring Elder Law attorney include:

Guiding- Elder Law is a long and winding road, confusing everyone involved. There are several law regulations and services that protect elderly rights. The attorney guides the elder and his/her family through the process, while giving them access to quality care.

Knowledgeable-A quality attorney must know everything there is to Elder Law, which includes Medicaid, Medicare, social security, VA benefits, long-term care insurance, mortgages, and state/ federal information. Alongside everything under Elder Law, an attorney also must know financial planning, estate planning, and drafting wills. All factors benefit the rest of the elder’s life and their family.

Flexible-Other than expansive knowledge required from an Elder Law attorney, one must be flexible with the ever-changing laws. They must also comfortably adapt to each different situation.

Understanding-Patience, understanding, and empathy are just a few of the proper attitudes when working with the elderly. Not every lawyer is suitable for Elder Law.

Elder Law Programs in Wisconsin

Discovering what Elder Law has to offer requires research and background knowledge, getting the best benefits for your plan. Fortunately, there are numerous programs available, providing guidance and legal advice. Most are free to join, providing social benefits as well.

Check out a few Elder Law programs you might want to consider joining:

  • Elder Law Center - free program that provides legal services and resources for senior citizens age 60 and over. It also believes educating the general public about such matters is beneficial for everyone.
  • Elder Benefit Specialist Program (EBS) - offers free counseling in the area of health insurance, public benefits, and consumer law. Specialists who run the program are trained and supervised by Elder Law attorneys.
  • Community Options Program (COP) – focused on a specific area of Elder Law programs, COP provides senior citizens with long-term support to remain in their home/community.

Navigating through the mess of Elder Law is tricky. We will guide you through the rocky shores, understanding you want what’s best concerning your family. Let our caring and considerate Elder Law attorneys at Angermeier and Rogers help you through the process, from beginning to end. You’re not in this alone.

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