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"Your values and objectives will be the central Business Exit Strategy Attorneytheme of your overall estate plan."

Clients often think creating an estate plan includes information about dividing their property after they pass away, saving taxes, or somehow all they need are the "documents to make sure that things are taken care of." Angermeier and Rogers’ estate planning process includes far more, including handling written wills and trusts.

We ensure things are looked after with the highest client care, including:

    • Maintaining control of your property while alive
    • Taking care of you and your loved ones if you are disabled
    • Getting what you have to whom you want, the way you want, and when you want
    • Saving every last tax dollar, professional fee, and court cost legally possible

Rules of Wills Written in Wisconsin

Drafting a last will and testament might be something you should consider, especially if you have property you wish to keep within family.

  • Must be handwritten and signed by testator; oral or holographic wills aren’t valid
  • 2 witnesses must sign in testator’s presence
  • Testator and witnesses must be 18+

Living Will

Different to a basic will, a living will specifies instructions on how the testator must be cared for at the nearing end of their life. The main benefit of opting for a living will is the freedom to make your own healthcare decisions. Going without a living will constitutes the state to decide what happens next.

6 Reasons Why You Should Start a TrustCharity Planning Lawyers

A trust is the holding of your estate and assets with another party, or a trustee. Choosing from the several basic types of trusts, some find that a trust arrangement suites them better than a will.

  1. Little-to-none estate taxes – property or assets in the trust aren’t taxed
  2. Make paying for education easier – trusts can be used to specify when and how money is distributed for higher educational purposes
  3. Avoid the probate process – save yourself and the beneficiary time and money
  4. Difficult for beneficiaries to contest – though the beneficiary might be unhappy with the distribution, the grantor is protected from a potential lawsuit
  5. Maintain your privacy – no probate means no public record of a trust
  6. Avoid family issues – trusts are custom-made to the grantor’s wishes, avoiding family feuds over certain assets

Personalized Services to Help Meet Your Goals

Angermeier and Rogers strives to provide caring and attentive client service. Our clients know that we are here to help accomplish their many and diverse goals.

We cover several avenues of client-focused services, including:

  • Taking care of and protecting a surviving spouse
  • Implementing a disability plan
  • Minimizing potential family conflicts
  • Ensuring your children are raised by your choice of guardian
  • Protecting a child's inheritance
  • Protecting clients' special needs children
  • Avoiding the probate process
  • Leaving a charitable legacy
  • Reducing or eliminating estate taxes
  • Planning for the future of the family business
  • Planning for Medicaid qualification and application

Will & Trust Attorneys for Wisconsin Residents

We at Angermeier and Rogers focus on one thing: you. Whether you decide on writing a will or putting all of your assets in a trust, we are with you every step of the way. With our award-winning expertise and client dedication, we maximize your estate plan with guaranteed success. Let our Milwaukee estate planning attorneys lead the way, giving you the guidance you need.

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Other Estate Planning Services

Angermeier & Rogers can help with every aspect of your estate planning. Our attorneys have experience in probate & trust administrationretirement planning & asset protection and Medicaid & long-term care planning. Using our comprehensive, client-centered approach, we take the time to understand your hopes, dreams, values and goals. By doing so, we help you secure the best quality of life today, the highest standard of care for tomorrow, and the greatest benefits for your loved ones in the future.

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