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Retirement Planning in Waukesha County


Angermeier & Rogers provides comprehensive retirement planning for Brookfield, WI residents. Our Wisconsin elder law attorneys help you plan every facet of future care, including Medicaid and long-term care. We specialize in simplifying Medicaid laws and helping you create a retirement plan to meet your needs.

Brookfield, Wisconsin Retirement & Estate Planning 

Waukesha County’s asset protection attorneys at Angermeier & Rogers take care of every aspect of estate planning. From preparing a family trust to establishing a disability plan, our attorneys are with you every step of the way.

Our asset protection services for Waukesha residents include:

  • Planning for the family business’ future
  • Protecting children with special needs
  • Reducing estate taxes

Our estate planning services include:

  • Making sure your children are taken care of by a guardian of your choice
  • Guaranteeing a surviving spouse continues to live a financially-secure life
  • Keeping a married couple’s assets, even if the widowed spouse remarries
  • Avoiding the disadvantages associated with probate court proceedings
  • Protecting your child’s inheritance from possible negative intentions
  • Minimizing potential family conflicts regarding estate and healthcare decisions
Probate & Trust
Retirement Asset/ Planning Protection
Medicaid/Long-Term Care Planning
Wills &

We at Angermeier & Rogers focus on your family – guaranteeing a secure future healthily and financially. Contact our estate planning attorneys at our Waukesha office today for a brighter tomorrow!

Long-Term & Medicaid Planning Strategies that Fit Your Family

Many Waukesha residents are still working past the age of 65 to provide for their families or save up for retirement. The older an employee becomes, the more their need for healthcare increases. The healthcare industry can be an intimidating factor in estate planning.

Angermeier & Rogers provides professional Medicaid and long-term planning assistance for Waukesha residents. We guide you through several asset planning strategies to keep you prepared and proactive. Medicaid, also known as Title 19 and Medical Assistance, covers certain long-term medical care costs, which include:

  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Homes
  • Community Based Residential Care Facilities (CBRP)

Contact one of our Waukesha estate planning attorneys and start preparing for your long-term healthcare plan now!

Waukesha Will & Trust Administration Lawyers

If you wish to keep your assets and other important property within the family, consider drawing up a last will and testament. The initial set-up of a will requires a little more work, but once you have a will established, you know exactly where your property will be after you have passed away.

Placing your estate and assets in a trust is another option. A trust holds your property for a designated beneficiary, or person receiving the estate. There are 5 basic types of trusts for flexibility. You set the terms, as to when the trust ends and specifically naming the beneficiary.

Angermeier & Rogers assists with both trust administration and formulating a will. There are several guidelines and regulations that go with each – you need an attorney with the proper knowledge to guide you successfully. Contact our Waukesha area estate planning services for a consultation today!

Keep Your Family Financially-Covered with Probate & Trust Administration

Waukesha families need financial stability in order to function successfully. Our probate and trust administration services include special assistance of asset distribution after a loved one’s death. A trust is typically preferred over probate, which involves the court’s process of dividing up property.

Angermeier & Rogers knows how to lead clients in the right direction, according to their estate planning goals. We don’t challenge or misrepresent your retirement plans – we shape your financial future to how YOU want – while sharing estate tips and strategies on how to retire successfully.

Waukesha County Elder Care Services

Angermeier & Rogers provides Waukesha County senior citizens with elder law care that covers all different branches of elderly life. Elder law in WI overlaps with disability, fiduciary administration, Medicaid planning, and other estate planning entities, all of which need the right attorney to guide you properly. Waukesha’s best elder law attorneys are right here at our local Waukesha office. It’s never too early to start thinking about your future.

Contact Angermeier & Rogers' Waukesha estate planning attorneys now to schedule a consultation.