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Planning for the future can be an intimidating task. When life is going well it’s difficult to think about potentially trying times ahead, but estate planning is an important thing to do and once you’re done you can get right back to enjoying life. The attorneys at Angermeier and Rogers can make all of your estate planning in Delafield go smoothly.

Our service areas include:

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Probate & Trust
Retirement Asset/ Planning Protection
Medicaid/Long-Term Care Planning
Wills &

Protect Your Family’s Finances with Probate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. That stress can be compounded by being forced to go through the probate process which can take months or even years. The attorneys at Angermeier & Rogers are committed to delivering quality probate services to minimize the stress involved in losing a loved one.

Retirement and Asset Planning/Protection

Good estate planning should do more than just the proper documents to prevent a mess for your next of kin to unravel. A good estate plan will address your concerns, values, and objectives. At Angermeier & Rogers, we regularly deal with special estate planning circumstances. For example: if you want to ensure that your inheritance won’t end up in the hands of a child’s spouse or a child who may use their inheritance irresponsibly, we can help you handle those wishes delicately.

Medicaid/Long Term Care Planning

When dealing with Medicaid, there are many variables to consider when forming an asset planning strategy. Medicaid can help you pay for care in a:

  • Nursing home
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Community Based Residential Care Facility


Wills & Trusts

There may come a day when you are unable to execute your wishes about how you’d like your important property to be distributed within your family. The best way to ensure your wishes are respected is to draw up a last will and testament. Angermeier & Rogers can help you with the initial set-up and administration of your will. Once it’s established you’ll know exactly where your property will go after you have passed away.

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